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 Additive: improving pastries - eggs saver

Following the increase of the price of eggs and its higher volatility these last years because of evolution in regulatory requirements, Flamel Aromatic has developed a new enhancer able to divide by 3 the quantity of eggs in the pastries such as cakes, muffins or magdalenas.

With only 6% eggs in the recipe, this enhancer for pastries generates a soft cake with similar shape and aspect to a cake containing 15 to 20% of eggs.

This powder is associated with a recipe very easy to implement and whose ingredients are available in all the countries at very competitive prices.

This recipe guarantees a life expectancy of the cakes of one year. Thanks of combined action of the glycerin and the enhancer water activity is always below 0.72, what prevents development of yeasts and molds, without adding preservative.

Here are the different ingredients of the recipe for pastries:


Quantity (g/kg)

Mixture 1

Vegetable oil


Whole eggs








Enhancer: Cake Mix







Then add

Wheat flour


Sodium Bicarbonate


Sodium acid Pyrophosphate (SAPP 40)


Sodium acid Pyrophosphate (SAPP 28)


Total raw dough


The protocol of manufacturing is to adpater according to the existing tool. Please contact Flamel Aromatic to have the details of these protocols and other types of doughs and cakes (chocolate-brown muffins, inclusion, feeds,...).

The quantities et the nature of sodium acids pyrophosphates may vary depending on the types of pastries tant you want. You have to adapt them to the cooking times and to the cakes sizes.

Examples of muffins and of magdalenas cooked with this enhancer and the recipe detailed above:

Muffins and magdalenas with Flamel Aromatic's enhancer

Examples of cakes cooked with this enhancer and the recipe detailed above:

Cakes with Flamel Aromatic's enhancer

Technical specifications:


Example of the Muffin

Weight of the cake (g)

At the emmoulage


After cooking


Water activity (AW)

2 days after production


2 weeks after production


Importance of water activity for the preservation of the products
The control of water activity inside the product is essential to guarantee an optimal life expectancy of the cake. The water activity represents the interactions of water with the muffin or the cake. If too much water is « available », micro-organism can develop more easily.




Water activity (AW)

above 0,75

Development of moists and yeasts

below 0,75 and above 0,72

Risk of emergence of moists and yeasts reduced

below 0,72

Absence of moists and yeasts: optimal life expectancy of the cake

You can contact Flamel Aromatic to get more details on this pastries enhancer, samples or a quotation. We can come to meet you too and work with you in order to improve the quality or the life expectancies of your pastries.

We have a long experience in the feeds and the toppings for cakes, before and after cooking. We are at your disposal to offer you recipes of fillings and toppings or help you improve your own recipes.


Water activity's measurement device used in Flamel Aromatic:

Water activity'smeasurement device of Flamel Aromatic SA



Recipes & additive: Versatile, stable and economic sauces

Flamel Aromatic SA has developed a range of recipes of sauces such as mayonnaise, ketchup style and other flavoured sauces that do not need any storage at low temperature.

They can be suitable for countries with hot weather where the household appliances are not present in each home.

The sauces concept proposed by the company Flamel Aromatic SA has the following main features :

  • Versatile Recipe : you need to change 1 to 3 ingredients to get a sauce with a totally different taste but with the same base.

  • Resistant and stable to heat : sauces stay stable in texture and taste even though they are stored outside the fridgeduring months.

  • Economic Recipe : the recipe is mainly composed of ingredients that we find easily locally at competitive prices.


Here is an indicative range of sauces possible from the concept of sauces devloped by Flamel Aromatic :

  • Mayonnaise : different tastes and colors possible like Lesieur, Calvé,...

  • Ketchup (similar to the most famous ones)

  • Seasonings based sauces: aromatic herbs, garlic, onion…

  • Spiced sauces (andalouse, samouraï,...)


The production is very easy:

  • A simple mixer-cutter with knives rather equipped with a vaccum pump. The working capacity can vary from 20 to 300 kg depending on the local market.

  • A scale for the production and another one for the packaging.

  • To test the market, we advise to test the packaging by buckets to restaurants like fast foods or to grocery stores.

    The start investment is low. In a second time, if the market grows, it would be possible to invest in a packaging machine that can fill glass and PET bottles.


Examples of sauces developed by Flamel Aromatic SA:

Sauces developed by Flamel Aromatic SA


Do not hesitate to contact to get more information or samples about this concept of sauces.

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